Course to accompany Folklore Argentino

Do you like Argentine folklore?

Do you have a guitar?

Can you sing, though only be in the bathroom?

Do you would like accompany with that guitar that nobody played for years?

Sure, there are some drawbacks. It is difficult to sing what is now called folklore, in addition, time is short and the money to take guitar lessons ...

Here is the solution: a free online guitar course. Upstairs there is a navigation bar where you can choose the different sections of this course guitar.

Yes, everything is very nice, but what about the guitar?

Ah, you have not a guitar. Then you do not know what is lost. It is a noble instrument that can use both a concertist as someone who just knows a few chords and strum a little. Another advantage is that there are for all budgets; you may look at a bit here and you will find that fits in your pocket, and surely you will not regret your purchase. Will be the center of attraction in the meetings with this companion, which also has the advantage of being easy to carry from one place to another. Before doing so, see How to buy a guitar.

So if you never had a guitar in hand you can start with the Basic notions. Then go to Illustrated chords, with pictures and diagrams to know how to put your fingers to make chords. To learn how to accompany zambas, cuecas, chacareras, chamamé and other styles of our folklore there are diagrams and animations in Strums of accompaniment.

For your convenience, there is a very entertaining Tutorial, because as you learn can apply what you learn in the accompaniment of topics specially chosen to do so without difficulty. To give you an idea, in the first lesson you learn three chords, on the second the strum of accompaniment, and the third lesson should apply learning to accompany the first zamba. So in a few days already can sing and accompany!

Similarly, with the following lessons you will be taken to special section of Lyrics, where you will find lyrics with chords marked (of traditional argentine songs), and MIDI versions to listen to the tune of the songs if you do not know it.

And all for free, you should only have a guitar and willingness to learn.

Do you dare to try? ¡Come on! Will be fun!